some randomness & some pictures


Hubby and I remembered to hit the scale yesterday on the 28th. He lost 4 pounds and I lost 1.5 pounds. I think that’s the same pound ‘n a half I’ve been playing with for several months so I’ll wait a while before I get excited over weight dropping.

In the last two days we are both starting to shave a few minutes off of our ride time on the way home.

Next weeks update will over lap this weeks update as I set the week to a Monday – Sunday schedule instead of Tuesday to Monday that our 1st week had.

The Headline we saw in the local newspaper THE NEWS-LEDGER: City Council Approves New Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trail Master Plan

Of course the City website doesn’t include the map that was in the paper. So here is the Ledger’s article and map: City of West Sacramento approves plan for bikeways, walkways

The rest of this post will be dedicated to some pictures taken along my ride to and from work on the 29th.

On the way to work.


A little hard to tell from where I was; all of the cars pictured are driving in the bike lane and have been for almost 2 blocks or more. Welcome to morning rush hour{s}.


cyclist riding against traffic is almost as normal as people riding with the traffic

On the way home

Don’t get this, there is space for sharing the road, yet the bike lane ends until after you cross the tracks on the other side of the bridge.

100_3668 100_3670

Watch the cars, I’m not great with the camera, this is the same two block stretch from the morning where the bike lane becomes the express lane to get onto the freeway. Yet the dashed line indicating shared road space isn’t until about half a block from the exit.

100_3694 100_3680  100_3713

under the freeway and through down town no bike lane, yet drivers are great about sharing the space

100_3725 100_3726

See the blurs ahead of me, one blur is a person riding towards me on the wrong side and the other blur is a person riding on the sidewalk; part of the irony behind this picture is the other side of this hill is the police station.


Sorry if the pictures weren’t that great, but me and camera’s aren’t exactly best friends. Although I have found using sports mode improves the odds in my favor.


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